The Skaro Toy Museum


Click for image. Dodge The Daleks : This board game, based on the "Dalek Invasion of Earth" story, was made in 1965 and is very rare. Here's an interior view.
Submitted by Dave Hicks

Click for image. Dalek Shooting Game : Made by Louis Marx in 1965. When you shoot the Dalek in the doorway, another one slides into place to be shot.
Submitted by Mick Hall

Click for image. The Great Escape : A very rare "Dalekised" version of the marble maze made in 1965. Here's an interior view.
Submitted by Dave Hicks

Click for image. Pinball Games : A pair of small pinball machines from the Baker era.
Submitted by Dave Hicks

Click for image. War Of the Daleks : Here's an interior view of this 1974 game. The Daleks are placed on the board such that moving rotating the center piece causes the Daleks to move and knock the players pieces over. (The large blue piece in the lower left plugs into the center as a handle.)
Submitted by Dave Hicks

Click for image. Time and Space Game : The object is to hunt across the universe for the 6 parts of the key of time and return with them to the Domain of the Time Lords. Includes a board, hundreds of cardboard tokens and 6 playing pieces each representing a different incarnation of the Doctor. Released by Games Workshop in 1980.
Submitted by Dave Hicks

Click for image. Weetabix Cards : These are from the first Weetabix series. There are also images of Daleks, an Ogron, Draconian, Ice Warrior etc. and a Cyberman, Sontaran, Sea Devil etc. (Apparently, these weren't part of a game but they've been placed here to keep them with the second series below.) Probably released in 1975.
Submitted by Anthony Warwood

Click for image. Weetabix Game Pieces : These are a few cards from the 2nd series of Weetabix games. Here's another section.
Submitted by Dave Hicks

Click for image. Weetabix Boards: To the left is the "Race Through Space" game. Here are the "Discover the Lost Planet", "Travel Through Time" and "Escape From The Underworld" games.
Submitted by Dave Hicks, Dave Gaskell and Andy Clarke

Click for image. Dalek Attack! : A shoot-em-up arcade game for PCs and other computers. The Doctor must gain access to four Dalek-controlled cities and destroy devices that are destroying Earth's ozone layer. After accomplishing this, he must go to Skaro and capture Davros. Fortunately, the Doctor can find Jelly Babies which restore his life force! Released by Alternative software in 1992
Submitted by Dave Hicks

Click for image. MBI Chess Set : Row 1 left to right: Tardis, Jamie, The Brig., Lela, Kamelion, Adric, Tardis. Row 2: K9 (white pawns.) Row 3: The seven Doctors. Row 4: Daleks (black pawns.) Row 5: Sontaran, Seadevil, Draconian, Master, Rani, Cyberman, Ice Warrior, and Sontaran. Here's a close up on the Doctors. Made by MBI in 1992. The set sold for £750.
Submitted by Scott Goodman

Click for image. Doctor Who Role Playing game by FASA : There are also images of the game book cover and title page, data record sheet, the Dalek Source book front and back, the Timelord's Dalek Report, The Master source book and Timeload CIA data and the Cybermen suppliment and CIA report.
Submitted by Guy Brouillette

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