I grew up in East Lansing Michigan USA, studied electrical and computer engineering at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and am now living in Oregon. I've worked for Intel as a software engineer since graduation. I started at Intel by working on Real Time operating systems (iRMX 86, iRMX 88, iRMK, iRMX 386, etc.) and then wrote display drivers and applications such as ProShare Application Sharing for various versions of Windows. I currently manage a small lab working on speech applications and tools.

My other interests include science fiction (in general and Doctor Who specifically) photography and high power rocketry. (That rocket does fit in the car after being broken down.)

Doctor Who?

I wanted to build a web site dedicated to my favorite TV show but after looking around I saw that there were a great many excellent Doctor Who sites and "yet another one" would be redundant. However, I didn't see anything at all on the net about Doctor Who toys and so The Skaro Toy Museum was born.

Calculators Too!

Skaro was not my first web site. The Museum of HP Calculators was created in early 1995 and displays and describes every HP calculator made (and some that weren't!) If you're in a techno-geeky mood, please check it out.