The Skaro Toy Museum

Image Submissions And Toy Trades

The museum started with my personal collection but I'm interested in growing it any way I can. Please send scans or photos of toys not shown. All images will be credited. (Please don't scan anything from magazines or other copyrighted sources.)

To Email Scanned Images

Please contact me before sending your images.

Please scan both the main image and the thumbnail at sizes similar to those used throughout the museum. (For JPEGS 40-70K bytes for the main picture and 2-4K bytes for the thumbnail is usually about right.) Besides JPEGS, I can accept Windows or OS/2 style BMP and TIFF files. (I'll take GIFs as a last choice.) I can make a thumbnail from your scan if its not convenient for you.

If you're sending a file from a Mac, please make sure that it doesn't contain the Mac file header. (Just a pure data file please.)

To Mail Photos

If you don't have a scanner, photos are fine. Please email me for a mailing address for photos.

Toy Trading

None of my toys are for sale but some might be traded for other Doctor Who toys. Let me know what you'd like to trade.

Photos and Scans Especially wanted

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